Welcome to the another part of “How to Create a website” series Part 1 : How to Buy The Best WordPress Hosting – Super Speed Part 2 : How To Install WordPress On Bluehost <You are Here> Part 3 : How To Install WordPress Theme Part 4 : 5 Important WordPress Settings To Configure

Hi guys, This Blog is a part of my “How to Create Website” series Part 1 : How to Buy The Best WordPress Hosting – Super Speed <You are Here> Part 2 : How To Install WordPress On Bluehost Part 3 : How to open your website after installing WordPress Part 4: 5 Important WordPress Settings To Configure Finding the best wordpress hosting can be a one thing that you should know. Today i am going to share you “How to Buy Best WordPress Hosting” with 100% free domain name.

So before i tell you which are the best wordpress directory theme’s, yesterday i posted a blog about Best Ecommerce Themes and i’m glad to say that many of the people found helpful, i got so many emails from people saying that they are very inspired & they are already in the process of starting their ecommerce business and i’m really really happy that just by writing blogs I’m able to help people all over the world.

Hi there thank you for coming back my name is Sanu and today I’ll tell you what are the best wordpress ecommerce themes Recently i wrote blogs on : Best WordPress Themes for BLOGGERS FREE WordPress Themes How to Start New Online Business How to Buy Best WordPress Hosting What are the best wordpress ecommerce themes? Finding the proper & best wordpress ecommerce themes can be a needle in the haystack, The year 2017 had already proven the best year for many e-commerce stores who worked very understandable for the customers. Customers are now getting addicted to buy stuff online rather than going to the mall or physical store.

“Blogger Themes for wordpress 2017 – Top 10” Are you looking for the best Blogger Themes? I’ve got you covered! Finding the best blogger themes today is very hard; thousands of people buy premium themes and end up buying wrong one because the themes they bought were not SEO optimized and have limitations which is why they end up buying another one again. Today I’ll be sharing with you some of the best trusted themes if you want to create a blog website.

How to start online business : Getting Started If you ever had a dream & wanted to know how to start online business let me tell you today, this is the best time to go-ahead and make a difference. Do you know why? It is believed that the number of internet users in India will cross 450 million by the end of the year 2017 and 730 million internet users by 2020. So if you had a dream to start online business there are many customers outside waiting for your upcoming product/service.

You guys must have heard about green tea as many people have suggested you to have green tea if you want to lose fat. So this blog will help you to understand what exactly the green tea is, how it works in your body, how much time you should consume. From which green tea is made of?? Green tea is made from camellia sinensis plant .That plants leaf is known as green tea which is processed and refined, served in tea bags or in a powder form. Benefits of green tea?? It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effect on our body. many diseases can be preventing by green tea like blood pressure problems, heart problems, cancer, etc. It also helps your brain to function well because it has caffeine not much as coffee, almost 2-4 % of caffeine. It helps to boost your metabolism. Helps you to reduce bad cholesterol. People who have diabetes can control there diabetes with the help of green tea. How muchContinue reading »

How To Start Digital Marketing Business Do It Today!  Before you start reading my guide on How To Start Digital Marketing Business. I want you to first keep this thing very clear that “you can do anything that you set your mind to”. You can start any business you ever dreamt of. You just have to be passionate about your dreams, your goals; and you can set up your new business like this. I’m writing this for the one who want to start an digital marketing business, and today I’ll show you the possibility of how you can earn like crazy being an Digital Marketer. No matter if you’re a 14 year old boy or 35 years old man, a full time worker or sitting broken at home right now, this guide is for everyone. I need your love and support, so please help me share this blog if this was useful. Let’s get started, How To Start Digital Marketing Business Company To start a Digital Marketing Business, I hadContinue reading »

5 Basic WordPress Settings you should configure Hey Guys, Welcome back, Today I am going to share with you my most recommended basic wordpress settings for first time user. So far you had already learned. Part 1:  How to Buy The Best WordPress Hosting – Super Speed Part 2:  How To Install WordPress On Bluehost Part 3: How To Install WordPress Theme Part 4: 5 Basic important WordPress Settings to configure <You are here> If you are a new visitor, you must check out this guide, you will learn many things for free. And this is my last part of beginners guide to create a website. So let’s get started. List of 5 Basic WordPress Settings General Settings: Settings >> General Update Site Title and Tag Line (You can change site title here)   Update Email Address Helps you keep updated with your activity on the website. Also you can recover the wordpress password if forgotten by using this email so keep It safe.   Membership: Tick membership if you want anyone toContinue reading »

How to Install WordPress Theme Installing a theme in wordpress is an easy task, but we have to work properly. Today, before we start learning about “how to install wordpress theme”, I have one special thing to share with you. Yes! I want to introduce you with my new category which is “Online Business Ideas”. I am going to start writing more & I will also share with you the best online business ideas which would help you succeed online & make money. These ideas would be a blueprint success to your new online business. And by the way, after you complete reading this blog, I have a free gift for you. How to Install WordPress Theme Quickly Those who don’t know, this is the 3rd part of my “How to Create a WordPress Website from Scratch Series” Installing a WordPress theme is very easy. You might have already downloaded your WordPress theme and it should be in a zip file. If you guys are still looking for premium themes, youContinue reading »

How to open wordpress after installation. This blog is a part of my “How to create a website” Series Part 1 : How to Buy The Best WordPress Hosting – Super Speed Part 2 : How To Install WordPress On Bluehost Part 3 : How to open your website after installing WordPress <you are here> Part 4: 5 Important WordPress Settings To Configure If who don’t know how to open WordPress, it’s very easy. This blog had got you covered, If you already know how to login, go and read “Things to do after installing WordPress”. I write about many WordPress tips, if you’re a beginner i would definitely suggest you to read my WordPress Beginner Series Blogs from start. After reading my blogs, i can promise you that you’ll learn many WordPress tips & tricks from me that many of your friends don’t even know about. You’ll be able to successfully create a website without anyone’s help. (saving thousands of dollar’s) How To Open WordPress After Installation in 3 steps.Continue reading »