Reviewing Filehippo, Good Or Bad? Check It Out

Today we’ll be reviewing the website Filehippo, The company has served thousands of software downloads for free to their visitors. But the question is can we use Filehippo or Not?

What Do We Say About Filehippo?

I think yes, The website seems to be genuine, they provide high-quality software amongst 18 different categories. The Website is always updated with the latest versions of the best software

We think filehippo is amongst the best website which will help you get many softwares and tools for free of cost.

Why Filehippo is the best?

The softwares that you download on filehippo is always malware free, which means they already scan the software for you and you are always free to download any software that you want.

Go to Website to download any software for your PC and Laptops.



1. Aashna Shroff


Aashna is the editor and founder of one of best fashion and beauty blog “the snob journal”. She also owns an online store ‘The Snob Shop’ that is an extension of her approach to fashion. Her blog presents the best of beauty, design and her globe-trotting ways that will inspire you to try something new and revamp your closet. She has worked with brands like Nykaa, Vero Moda, Koovs, L’oreal, Body Shop and many more.

Visit her Blog:


2. Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha started her blog somewhere in 2010 as an interesting means of noting, chronicling and expressing my ideas, projects, inspirations and daydreams. It has constantly evolved ever since and become more fashion & lifestyle oriented.

She personally writes all posts which vary from fashion to beauty to trends to food and then some more. There’s trendspotting at the Indian Fashion Weeks, reviews of collections, outfit posts, unique products, jewelry and accessories, other fashion related events and whatever else that seems to catch her fancy at the time!

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How To Start Digital Marketing Business

Do It Today! 

Before you start reading my guide on How To Start Digital Marketing Business.

I want you to first keep this thing very clear that “you can do anything that you set your mind to”.

You can start any business you ever dreamt of. You just have to be passionate about your dreams, your goals; and you can set up your new business like this.

I’m writing this for the one who want to start an digital marketing business, and today I’ll show you the possibility of how you can earn like crazy being an Digital Marketer.

No matter if you’re a 14 year old boy or 35 years old man, a full time worker or sitting broken at home right now, this guide is for everyone.

I need your love and support, so please help me share this blog if this was useful.

Let’s get started,

How To Start Digital Marketing Business Company

To start a Digital Marketing Business, I had worked on some key points that you should always take into consideration while starting your business.

This would be very different and important from other blogs and websites.

Understanding The Areas To Start Digital Marketing Business

The Golden key is to first understand your potential market which will help you to generate revenue.

There are many areas in digital marketing like Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Apps Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, and Data Analysis.

If you’re a beginner in Digital Marketing, I would suggest you to first get some expertise in any of the above areas and become a master.

Let me explain you what I mean by that:

John started learning Search Engine Marketing 6 months ago, at that time he started helping clients at a very low price, he started working on projects while sitting at home.

Clients were always impressed and the best thing was, he was always providing unbelievable results, now after couple of months he’s an Expert in Search Engine Marketing; now he helps big businesses to get their blogs & websites on first page of Google with increase in work price.

Improvement! Soon after he decided to create his own website which will provide some additional services and started working on marketing his own website, (Killing the opportunity) now he’s getting more hits on his website and they also want to improve their search engine results and get their businesses more traffic. Digital Marketing Business is Best.

Now John earns $3,500+ Per Month, working on laptop 4 hrs a day at his home.

Your aim is to first get your customer trust, provide them the best results as possible. And once they are impressed, hit your working price.

 Choosing Your Business Name:

Select the Cool names for social media companies

Do Not Make This Huge Mistake!

If you really want to start your digital marketing company, while choosing your business name which would also be the website name of your business.

Don’t CHOOSE ANYTHING that comes on to your mind.

You won’t believe it if I say that many social media companies spends thousands of dollars, researching online what they should choose as their new business name to be successful and stand strong in the eyes of customer.

I’ll show you how it is done and you have to focus on long term strategy, it is very hard to change the business name once you started so you have to choose very wisely & moreover you have to think like you are a customer of your own business.

I’m going to help you on choosing your digital marketing business name which will take your business on a very next level.

You have to play very smart!

First let me explain you:

This is a human psychology that what people read is what they pretend. Let me put in this way, consider if someone is looking for a toy and they search online the keyword “Toys” and the search engine results provides you the list of results like this.

choose name to start digital marketing business

Now the customer possibility of visiting the website & buying from that website is already high. Now just imagine your new digital marketing business niche domain like this.

Do you know why? Why it is like that? It is a human tendency to believe what we read, hear and see.

Ever wondered why these domains are getting sold in millions of dollars? Because people believe in them blindly, they really do not need to put billions of dollars to advertise, their business name have already higher trust level and high volume of searches on search engines and the business name explains itself what do they do, and visitors keeps coming back to them.

Here’s the Blueprint To Succeed in Digital Marketing Industry.

I’m offering you some of the premium high authority domain names for digital marketing company that currently have very high demand and search volume.

If you want to buy any of these domain’s you can fill the contact form at the bottom. (Search Volume 1M price $500) (Search Volume 80K price $450) (Search Volume 55K price $399)

Start Digital Marketing Business Now

Your biggest liability is your greatest asset,

Yes you didn’t start before, and that’s okay!

Make a biggest difference of your life and start working on your digital marketing business today.

If you could do anything right now to start a digital marketing business? Are you doing it? Let me know.

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5 Basic WordPress Settings you should configure

Hey Guys, Welcome back,

Today I am going to share with you my most recommended basic wordpress settings for first time user.

So far you had already learned.

Part 1:  How to Buy The Best WordPress Hosting – Super Speed

Part 2:  How To Install WordPress On Bluehost

Part 3: How To Install WordPress Theme

Part 4: 5 Basic important WordPress Settings to configure <You are here>

If you are a new visitor, you must check out this guide, you will learn many things for free.

And this is my last part of beginners guide to create a website.

So let’s get started.

List of 5 Basic WordPress Settings

  1. General Settings: Settings >> Generalbasic wordpress settings important
  • Update Site Title and Tag Line (You can change site title here)


  • Update Email Address Helps you keep updated with your activity on the website. Also you can recover the wordpress password if forgotten by using this email so keep It safe.


  • Membership: Tick membership if you want anyone to register and write on your website. If not leave blank. You can also add users manually by navigating to Users >> Add User.


  • Time zone: Update your current Time zone so that wordpress understands your activity better.
  1. Writing: Settings >> Writingupdate ping services for wordpress settings
  • Update Services: By default wordpress provides 2-3 ping list so update it. Here’s the list of my updated wordpress ping list to add on your wordpress site.
  1. Reading: Settings >> Readingwordpress reading settings
  • Front Page Displays: You can Design your own homepage and select your new homepage here. Usually by default wordpress displays your latest posts.


  • For Each article in a feed, show: I usually recommend “Summary”


  • Search Engine Visibility: Do not tick this option, If you tick this option, your website will not be indexed through search engines.
  1. Permalinks: Settings >> Permalinkswordpress permalink settings
  • Permalinks are the displayed URL structure of your posts and page. These days search engines also checks your permalink displayed structure. I always recommend to change this to Common Settings >> Post Name.
  1. Delete Demo Content

WordPress already provides you with one demo post and page usually called “Hello World”. Go to Post and now delete that post also check with pages too.

So guys these were my recommended wordpress settings for first time users.

Also let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Install WordPress Theme

Installing a theme in wordpress is an easy task, but we have to work properly. Today, before we start learning about “how to install wordpress theme”, I have one special thing to share with you.

Yes! I want to introduce you with my new category which is “Online Business Ideas”.

I am going to start writing more & I will also share with you the best online business ideas which would help you succeed online & make money. These ideas would be a blueprint success to your new online business.

And by the way, after you complete reading this blog, I have a free gift for you.

How to Install WordPress Theme Quickly

Those who don’t know, this is the 3rd part of my “How to Create a WordPress Website from Scratch Series”

Installing a WordPress theme is very easy. You might have already downloaded your WordPress theme and it should be in a zip file.

If you guys are still looking for premium themes, you should go and check out my personal choice on “Best WordPress themes”.

I always suggest my readers to install only premium WordPress themes in your website. If you guys are trying to upload a free theme, you are already on the cliff of making a big mistake. Do not upload any free themes except some of these “Best WordPress Free Themes”.

So let’s get started:

3 Easy Steps To Install WordPress Themes

  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard.How to Install WordPress Theme quickly
  2. Go to “Appearance” and select “Themes”.
  3. Now click on “Add New or Upload Theme”
  4. step 2 click on install wordpress themeSelect your file from your computer and congratulations your theme is installed.

Note: Please do not delete your existing theme before successfully uploading the new one. Once you had uploaded your new theme, check out the live preview and then activate.

Congratulations ! Now you know how to install wordpress theme.

Now, as promised here’s my gift for you.

A Premium Blueprint Guide on “How to Start an Ecommerce Website”

So by now, we had already completed 3 parts of our wordpress guide and finally This takes us to our last part of How to Create a Website from Scratch series.

“Wordpress Guide For Beginners”

Thank you guys, for the support. Do share this blog if you found helpful and ask me any questions you have.

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