If you are a beginner in WordPress and don’t want to invest I’ll help you know which are the best free wordpress themes for you.

In this guide, I’ll help you to know which theme to choose for WordPress safely.

best free wordpress themes 2017“Best free wordpress themes you should use”

It is recommended to use WordPress free themes only when you can’t afford to buy premium one, however, there are certain disadvantages of using a free WordPress theme which I will explain you today.

Why choose only these best free wordpress themes?

I personally recommend my users who want to use free themes on WordPress are the ones which are developed by WordPress themes.

If you already know how to use WordPress, then you may have seen many well designed free themes that are developed by the third party but you are going all wrong, let me tell you why:

There are many themes which you’ll get for free but do you know they can harm you with these common reasons:

best free wordpress themes of 2017

  1. Have their theme link on your website which you can’t remove & provides them a well quality backlink, which means you are giving your visitor a chance to leave your website.
  2. Not really well optimized for SEO.
  3. They come with sudden upgrades which can harm your current website traffic
  4. it’s easy for hack free themes.

Another solution we have, if you don’t want to invest to buy a theme are the websites from wordpress itself.

best free wordpress themes for you

“List of best free wordpress themes”

  1. TwentySeventeen – you can preview the theme by using this link
  2. TwentySixteen – you can preview the theme by using this link
  3. TwentyFourteen – you can preview the theme by using this link




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