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This Blog is a part of my “How to Create Website” series

Finding the best WordPress hosting can be one thing that you should know.

Today I am going to share you “How to Buy Best WordPress Hosting” with 100% free domain name.

This blog is a part of “How To Create a Website” series

In order for your website to load fast, we need the best WordPress hosting.

The first thing to run a website on WordPress is to get a domain name and a hosting plan.

I always recommend my visitors to get the wordpress hosting from [eafl id=”8587″ name=”how to create a website post” text=”Bluehost”].

So today we’ll be buying Bluehost hosting for WordPress,

Buying The Best WordPress Hosting Plan from BlueHost

If you are still not sure about the Bluehost hosting plan, I want to tell you that Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress Company itself, so put your mind at rest, your website will be working super fast.

How To Buy the Best WordPress Hosting: Bluehost (With Free Domain)

1. Go to Get Started Now.

Click here to visit the website

Best WordPress Hosting

2. Select the plus plan.

select plus plan

Confused? which plan is right you:

  1. Basic Plan: Running only one website.
  2. Plus Plan : Running more than one.
  3. Prime : If you need SSL and IP.

My Personal Recommendation on WordPress Hosting From Bluehost.

If you’re buying for ecommerce store choose prime.

And if you’ll be working on 1 or more than 1 websites then choose plus plan only. The difference is very minimal and you don’t have to spend on other website if you plan to add another website in future.

(Still not bought hosting? Get Now using this Discounted Link)

3. Now Sign up to get free domain name.

sign up

4. Create your account

you can use google sign in or just put your information manually.

and then you’ll see the package information, where you can choose which addons you want or simply untick all.

Choose the hosting plan

Now you can see the Account Plan, i would suggest to go with 24 or 36 Month plan as they both will save you more than $150. If you don’t want the discount 12 month plan will also do.

Once you’re done with the payment, check your email.

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