How to Install WordPress Theme

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How to Install WordPress Theme Quickly

Those who don’t know, this is the 3rd part of my “How to Create a WordPress Website from Scratch Series”

Installing a WordPress theme is very easy. You might have already downloaded your WordPress theme and it should be in a zip file.

If you guys are still looking for premium themes, you should go and check out my personal choice on “Best WordPress themes”.

I always suggest my readers to install only premium WordPress themes in your website. If you guys are trying to upload a free theme, you are already on the cliff of making a big mistake. Do not upload any free themes except some of these “Best WordPress Free Themes”.

So let’s get started:

3 Easy Steps To Install WordPress Themes

  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard.How to Install WordPress Theme quickly
  2. Go to “Appearance” and select “Themes”.
  3. Now click on “Add New or Upload Theme”
  4. step 2 click on install wordpress themeSelect your file from your computer and congratulations your theme is installed.

Note: Please do not delete your existing theme before successfully uploading the new one. Once you had uploaded your new theme, check out the live preview and then activate.

Congratulations ! Now you know how to install wordpress theme.

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Thank you guys, for the support. Do share this blog if you found helpful and ask me any questions you have.

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