Planning an event can be a herculean task, with about a million things to worry about, from budgeting to booking speakers to marketing and more! There’s probably no way to make it a completely stress-free endeavour, but there are definitely ways to make it a little easier.

You can start by answering this simple question: have you invited bloggers to cover your event yet?

If not, you should seriously consider it!

Inviting bloggers boasts several advantages, including extra promotion of and valuable trust-building. Respected industry bloggers are regulars at conferences, expos, and summits; many marketers have caught on and are welcoming them with open arms.

Advantages of having a blogger to an event –

  • Enriching the event – You can count on bloggers to be active participants in the event because they need to get as much information as possible to bring back to their readers.
  • Exposure to new audience – Through your blogger guests will a new target market you may not thought of before.
  • Brand awareness – It’s always good to increase your brand awareness, the influencers you choose will likely have a sizeable following that will become newly aware of your brand.

Bloggers are here to stay. They are in demand because they build and keep relationships with their followers. You want to make sure they are happy and genuinely invite them to relevant events. Treat them like you would the morning news anchor or your local TV host. You never know what can come of a great relationship with a blogger.