Cardio is mainly refer to cardiovascular or cardio respiratory training this mainly exercise of heart.  Investing in cardio will help your heart work harder and allow it to function more efficiently. Your heart is a big muscle and cardio is the way to make it stronger. It will also help you to improve your oxygen consumption rate, stronger lungs, increase bone intensity, increase metabolism, etc.

"Here are some common doubts about cardio you should 
clear today"

“Do Cardio help you to lose fat quickly??”

This is the worst thing you can do for fat loss that is doing excessive cardio. Cardio is the key to increase your stamina and endurance, but excessive can lead to muscle loss as well as excessive  weight training can cause muscle loss due to drop in BMR happens through over training as it cause the body to breakdown at a faster rate than it can rebuild.

“Can cardio decrease the Muscle mass??”

This all depends on whether you are doing cardio regularly or excessively and it also depends upon on your body type. People those metabolism is very high (Ectomorphs) they always comes under weight and they have difficulties to gain lean tissue, such type of people should stay away from cardio as they  can waste away muscle easier  than others, but if they want to it they can do it twice in a week. People with slow metabolism (Endomorphs) can do cardio 5 times along with 3 days of resistance training or if u are gifted athletic kinds (Mesomorph :- a person whose build is compact and muscular) can do 3 cardio and 3 weight training session in a week, the session should not be more than one hour each and if you feel you can go on longer, then you must increase your intensity by increasing your speed, inclination or resistance. If you will do cardio in this manner it will make you fitter and will also help you in intensifying your weight training workouts and you will be capable of pushing a lot harder without getting tired.

“Which cardio is better low intensity or high intensity??”

In any exercise if you want constant result, progress in intensity is important .This means as you get better in your cardio exercises you must push harder to get even better. High intensity cardio is definitely and obviously more effective than low intensity cardio. People with pre-existing medical conditions must stick to low intensity.

“Which cardio equipment or exercise is best for burning maximum calories???

There is no such thing as best equipment or exercise. All are effective for burning calories, increase stamina and endurance. It just all depends upon your intensity level. Doing aerobic exercises at higher intensity will allow you to burn more calories per unit of time then the exercises that are performed on low intensity. If possible change the mode of cardio which you do every few weeks. This will give you variation to your body and you don’t even get bored by doing the same exercise every time.

If you got more doubts related to cardio mention in a comment box below I would be much happy to help.


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