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Intro / Explainer / Promotional Video –

Whether you are promoting a service or delivering a speech or writing an article, an introduction is always necessary. Providing an appealing overview of what’s to come next develops interest in your customers and influences them to continue with you.

Adding an introductory video to your business or e-commerce website can provide several benefits. It not only increases engagement but also provides better branding to your website and strengthens the bond with your customers.

Here’s how it’ll help your brand –

  • First Impression – A webiste is the first opinion your potential customers will look for when they want to know about your services. Adding a good introductory video to your site suggests that you are rofessional.
  • Video is considerably better at providing information, and in a faster way.
  • It delivers better better knowledge about your brand, services, culture & mission.
  • A high bounce rate is a major concern among websites, one main reason behind it is the visitors are often overwhelmed with the amount of info placed in front of them however, a video ensures more engagement.
  • Inducing a video is a proven method & delivers many benefits in.

Approximately 30% of page visitors watch your introductory video and 50% of those viewers watch the video in its entirety”.

Another added benefit of adding a video is that sites that actually had an introductory video on their homepage saw a 10% increase in their conversion rates.




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