You guys must have heard about green tea as many people have suggested you to have green tea if you want to lose fat. So this blog will help you to understand what exactly the green tea is, how it works in your body, how much time you should consume. From which green tea is made of?? Green tea is made from camellia sinensis plant .That plants leaf is known as green tea which is processed and refined, served in tea bags or in a powder form. Benefits of green tea?? It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effect on our body. many diseases can be preventing by green tea like blood pressure problems, heart problems, cancer, etc. It also helps your brain to function well because it has caffeine not much as coffee, almost 2-4 % of caffeine. It helps to boost your metabolism. Helps you to reduce bad cholesterol. People who have diabetes can control there diabetes with the help of green tea. How muchContinue reading »

This is  most asked question .Its just a myth ,weight training doesn’t give u manly look .There is a scientific reason behind this,men and women look different due to hormonal factors.In male the predominant hormone is Testosterone (It is an anabolic hormone which is responsible for muscle build up) & in female the predominant hormone is Estrogen (It promotes fat build up ). In  women there is very low level of testosterone and men have very low level of estrogen .this is the main reason why women carry more fat and less muscle than men .You wont get a manly look unless you get on steroids, there is no way the average women could get manly look or absurdly huge from only lifting weights. It is possible that you will start seeing a change on your arms back legs or any body part getting more muscular than an ideal body after weight training because weight training helps you to increase your muscle mass. In fact weight training helps you to build muscle andContinue reading »