How to Install WordPress Theme Installing a theme in wordpress is an easy task, but we have to work properly. Today, before we start learning about “how to install wordpress theme”, I have one special thing to share with you. Yes! I want to introduce you with my new category which is “Online Business Ideas”. I am going to start writing more & I will also share with you the best online business ideas which would help you succeed online & make money. These ideas would be a blueprint success to your new online business. And by the way, after you complete reading this blog, I have a free gift for you. How to Install WordPress Theme Quickly Those who don’t know, this is the 3rd part of my “How to Create a WordPress Website from Scratch Series” Installing a WordPress theme is very easy. You might have already downloaded your WordPress theme and it should be in a zip file. If you guys are still looking for premium themes, youContinue reading »