Everything you need for an on-trend, beachy glow Summer is an amazing season for beauty — it’s the perfect time to experiment with a new look and go bold. And summer’s biggest beauty trends and newest makeup releases make it easy for you to glam up or add some subtle oomph to your look. Below are six summer makeup products you should add to your vanity, with drugstore and high end picks.

The truth is, we’re willing to do almost anything in our quest for more youthful, beautiful skin – I know I definitely am! I’ve literally tried it all: dunking my face in water to set my makeup, Vagisil as a makeup primer, you name it, I’ve probably tested it. The ingredient that I’ve been majorly crushing on for a few years, but which still isn’t widely recognized for its supernatural properties, is snail slime (call it mucus, mucin, secretion– it’s the same stuff!). Snail secretion (Ewww, I know!) is incredibly beneficial for your skin in so many ways: It can help fade acne scars, revitalize your skin, clear your complexion, and give your skin an insanely gorgeous glow.

Finding the right lipstick colors for deeper Desi skin tones is something we got a lot of requests for.  I didn’t have a model with a typical light brown skin tone so I chose a little darker of an arm to swatch on.  You have to try the colors on yourself before you make up your mind, I’m positive you’ll find one in each category that you’ll love. Here are some lipsticks that I find work well with deeper Desi skin tones, I tried to keep colors for lighter brown and deeper brown girls.  Have a look!

Ever since I started wearing make-up, brown has always been a staple lipstick in my vanity and to be honest, I was someone who would fret away from experimenting with colors; merely for the reason that I thought they wouldn’t suit me! So, when I went shopping for a lipstick, a brown with red undertones caught my eye and I couldn’t resist buying it! I’m talking about the MAC satin finish lipstick in the shade VERVE! This is my first MAC lipstick ever and I cannot stress enough on how amazing it is and my happiness just doubled up because I got a chance to review it here on VNA! I’ve been wearing it for quite some time now and it makes my lips look AH-MAZIINNGGG. Let’s get on to the review and swatches of this mac lipstick and see why it deserves all the accolades.Color- MAC describes the lipsticks as a brownish plum, however, I feel it is a brown with red undertones and looks amazingly sexy on medium toContinue reading »

Hi Gorgeous !!! Hope you all have been well all this time that I’ve been (shamelessly) gone!! But I’m back to beez-ness!!  🙋🏽 And since I just finished stuffing my face with Mexican cheesy fries, this Post could not have come at a better time! Because after eating cheesy fries, I’m definitely going to need contouring to make me look slimmer!!!  😂  😂 M.A.C Cosmetics (India) just launched their “All The Right Angles” Contour Palette in M.A.C stores across India! So if you’ve seen this image at M.A.C stores displays, it’s for this product !!!  👇🏽  👇🏽 However, the M.A.C Cosmetics India website has absolutely NO information on this Palette, but will redirect you to locating a store! Which means you have to walk into a M.A.C store if you’re here in India to check this palette out! But have no fear, your (self-proclaimed) Makeup Investigator is here to the rescue !!!  🕵  🕵  🕵 I got this Palette in not 1, but 2 shades!! So read on and check them out !!! 💁🏽  💁🏽Continue reading »

Kylie Lip Kits have become all the rage since they were launched by Kylie Jenner in October 2015. They have become a coveted item in a makeup enthusiast’s collection, mostly because it is so difficult to get your hands on them and girls all over the world are ready to pay any price to get hold of these lippies. Kylie Cosmetics recently launched the Kylie Birthday Edition collection for Kylie’s 19th birthday and I was lucky enough to get a hold of the mini matte lipkit from this collection. It was a gift since it was my birthday in August as well (yay!). If you want to know how the lipsticks look on Indian/Asian skin then you can check out the lip swatches below. Also, if you want to know how you can successfully place an order on Kylie Cosmetics before the Birthday collection goes out of stock then don’t forget to read the complete article! Swatches The mini matte collection contains 6 mini liquid lipsticks containing the shades Exposed,Continue reading »

For a perfectly finished look, you not only need good quality makeup but also good quality tools to blend it in. To attain a natural finish, the first things I reach for are makeup sponges. They do not leave stokes and blend everything much quicker by using less amount of product. I was recently introduced to the newly launched ‘YBP Makeup Perfectors’ and I got to try them. The YBP perfectors are available in two variants: Naked and Lust. I got my hands on both of them. ‘Naked’ is perfect for the people with skin prone to allergies. Both the variants are latex- free and high quality. They are super soft and squishy. When soaked in water, they expand upto double their original size which is just amazing. The rounded part of the sponge, specially because of its size makes blending the foundation really easy. The tapered end makes blending the concealer in the inner corners of the eyes hassle-free. One of the unique features of these is that it comesContinue reading »