How to make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram

So you have your Instagram feed up and running, you’re the style maven of your neighborhood and you can’t wait to get some free samples and have the cash start rolling in. If you’re a fashionista looking to cash in on your Instagram feed and thinking how to make Money on Instagram, what’s the best way to get started?

Fill a Niche

Fashion Instagrammers are hot right now, and brands are willing to shell out for placement on top feeds. To stand out among the crowd, find a broadly appealing niche and fill it.

Be sure to do your research.

If you’re hoping to make a huge dent in a market that’s already highly saturated, it may be your best bet to reconsider or instead focus on a sub-niche. For example, Instagram is packed with beauty bloggers, but you might want to consider specializing in a sub-niche such as nail art. This can be tricky because you want a niche appealing enough to attract a devoted audience, but not so broad that you disappear among the crowd. See what’s already out there before committing to anything.

Get Followers

The first step to Instagram success is to get followers — a lot of them. Every follower you gain is more money in your pocket.

How do you find followers? By treating your Instagram as the business it is. Create a post schedule and stick to it. Make sure you post regularly and make sure your posts are things people want to look at.

Taking a great photo is key, especially if you want to bring sponsors into the mix. If you take stellar shots and share them with the world, a brand is a lot more likely to want to recruit you to help them promote their brand than if you snap a dull and blurry image. Create visually appealing and interesting images, and be sure to interact with your audience.

Get an Agent

When you’re in the upper echelon of Instagram-land, sometimes you need someone who can advocate for you, bring you clients and help you negotiate the legalese that comes along with the business. Especially in the world of fashion, having someone on your side can be crucial. Consider working with an agency that will represent your needs and help your business grow.

Get Media Attention

The more attention you have, the more followers you can gain and the more appealing you are to potential sponsors. If you can think of a way to get some positive press (say, sponsoring a charity event), go for it! If a journalist contacts you for an interview, be available.

Or, better yet, reach out to journalists and tell your story. Help a Reporter Out is a great resource to help you connect with journalists in need of sources.

Ask for free post

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Your Turn: Have you built an income stream from your Instagram account? We’d love to hear your tips!

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