How to reach out to brands for collaboration

How to reach out to brands for collaboration

1. Start by creating your platform and establishing your presence online.

Most likely companies are not going to want to work with you if you can’t prove you have page views or readers.What’s in it for them? You really need to focus on creating quality content, consistent posting and sharing to grow your blog and capture an audience so that you can provide a brand with a worthwhile collaboration. And don’t just focus on the statistical numbers (although they are necessary). You need to capture your audience and have consistent engagement on your blog and social media outlets. A brand will look at your social media channels and see if you are responding to comments, answering questions and engaging with your followers. There is more likely to get you a collaboration if you are a registered blogger at All India Bloggers.

If you are looking to join AIB I recommend this page for sure !

2. Decide what types of brands you want to work with and make a list.

You need to work with brands that fit your blog style so it feels natural to be talking about that product. You don’t want to read a blatant advertising post that screams “I’m being paid to say this!” and neither do your readers. This gives me the advantage of offering them content examples too of what a style post looks like.

When you are  looking for companies to work with make sure

A) The product is something you would spend your own personal money on.


B) the price range is what you consider affordable for your audience. You have been offered chances to work with certain companies that sell really awesome clothes, but no doubt you would never spend Rs.3000 on a set of pajamas. So unfortunately, turn them down. We are not going to subject our readers to that just because we are being given something for free.

Speaking of email…

If any of you are having problem creating email for companies of your niche to ask for collaboration let us know I’ll share you some demo emails to start work on.

3. Do your research.

Now that you know WHO you want to work with, you need to figure out HOW to get in touch with them. Typically go straight to their website and look for the contact page. A lot of businesses are starting to have a specific email directly on their contact page for collaborations/pr so obviously that’s who you’ll want to contact. Other places you have to do a little more digging. The contact page may have a “fill in the blank” contact form and I have reached out to companies that way too, it’s not always as beneficial. Try looking for a live help button to speak with someone about the PR department. Or when all else fails turn to social media! Lots of companies put an email address in their Instagram description. I’ve also tweeted a message to a company before asking for contact information regarding a collaboration request. Where there is a will, there is a way!

4. The Initial Email.

Dun, Dun, Dun… Okay it’s not that scary, but it is crucial. When creating your email think to yourself, “this is the 1,000th email coming into their inbox today” and grab their attention but don’t overload them. Here’s what you need to include:

– Address them formally by name (if you have this information already).

– Introduce yourself and your blog. Add a brief description about your blog and what you write about.

– Tell them why you like their brand or specific products that have caught your attention.

– Explain that you would like to collaborate and give an example of what you could offer them in exchange for product or compensation. “I can offer you — in exchange for —“. Tell them why this will be beneficial for them. Is it reaching their target audience? Do you have a ton of pageviews? Tell them what’s in it for them! This is also where you should link back to a post as an example of what they can expect. (For example, I always link back to a favorite style post I’ve done recently when I’m reaching out to a clothing company). This is going to show them the types of pictures you can offer them, your writing and the engagement from your readers. So make sure it’s a good post!

– You will want to share your statistics with them. You can do this by either creating a media kit (here is a great tutorial on that) or you can simply share your numbers including daily/monthly pageviews and social media followers.

– Add your links and make them clickable. I have my blog and all social media channels linked into the signature of emails so if they want to browse around my channels they can do it easily.

Send your email off and cross your fingers. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t hear back from a brand. It takes time. I have to be honest, I reached out to several companies last year for baby product when I was having Maddox and they told me I wasn’t big enough. And I wasn’t! I came back this year and reached out to them again showing them my growth and they accepted! It takes time my friends 🙂

So before you start reaching out to brands asking to collaborate make sure you can answer these questions :

1. Do I have consistent reader engagement and the page views to prove it? if no try making quality content, you need to have patience but trust me it would be worth it.

2. What types of brands do I want to work with? How do I contact them?

3. Do I have a short, detailed email I have proofread and tweaked 100 times over?

If so then nothing is holding you back! Get to it now and good luck!

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