Hilton Shillim Estate Spa & Retreat, property of Hilton Hotels & Resorts, located in Shillim Village, Pawana Nagar, Taluka Maval is an amazing spa and wellness resort nestled in the beautiful Sahyadri Ranges. I was invited for the Cook Along with Thai Master Chef Nooror Somany Steppe by Fruit Bowl Digital and there wasn’t even a hint of doubt before I said yes. It was a 2 hour drive from Pune and the road leading to Hilton was beautiful. Amazing rainy and foggy weather alongside lush green ranges was a view to be cherished. We reached the Shillim Cooking School and started off with the live demos by Master Chef Nooror Somany Steppe alongside her daughter Chef Sandra from Blue Elephant Cooking School. Thai Cuisine mainly uses ingredients like galangal, kaffir lime, basil, lemongrass, palm sugar, shallots and pandanus leaves. Master Chef Nooror Somany Steppe alongside Executive Chef Akhil making the Mok Hua Pli We began with the live demo of the Mok Hua Pli – Banana Blossom with Herbs.Continue reading »

Nothing can beat Mumbai when it comes to food! It is a food lovers paradise. It is a city that has a little of everything! Food here is as diverse as the people, ranging from street food to casual and fine dine. Pav Bhaji was one Mumbai Street Food that I missed a lot when I left Mumbai. I have lived away from India for 7 years, and never had a really good pav bhaji anywhere. I have great childhood memories associated with pav bhaji. When i was young, my father took me out on weekends for chatai pav bhaji (pav bhaji vendors on the street placed mats on the footpath where people sat down to eat late night) and also have fond memories of having pav bhaji at Juhu beach since my childhood in Mumbai. I would carefully see the way the pav bhaji vendor would prepare the bhaji on his huge heavy tava with lots of Amul butter. If I get an opportunity, I still visit them. SinceContinue reading »

After a fabulous stay at Kadmat Island, we left for Bangaram Island our last destination of the Lakshadweep itinerary. The entire resort staff bid adieu to the tourists and we got settled in the speed boat. Slowly and steadily the boat made it way from the shallow lagoon to deep blue sea for a wonderful two hour ride to reach Bangaram. We spent most of our time on the deck enjoying the fresh environment and sea. We were transferred to a small boat near Bangaram as the rest of the tourists were heading towards Agatti. We entered the shallow lagoon while moving towards Bangaram Island and were greeted by the beautiful marine life clearly visible from boat. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the marine life and saw corals, colourful fishes, turtle, eels, and stingray fish roaming fearlessly in their habitat. A perfect setting for an expansive day at Bangaram Island with crystal clear water and equally complimenting sky. A tiny Island (Bangaram) seen from a distance from speed boatContinue reading »

Hello, long time no see! I missed you guys but I was away for the weekend in a nice peaceful villa with beautiful greenery all around me. And you know what I did the whole time? Didn’t visit the beach nearby nor the sights that were worth sightseeing. On the contrary, I dressed causally, comfortably, sat in front of the idiot box (also known as Television) and watched reruns of Friends and The Blacklist and some romantic comedies all the while stuffing into some yummy hotel junk food. Yep, I basically did nothing and still managed to look chic. How? Well I wore clothes from Bewakoof.com, specifically Jogger Pants, Crop top and T-shirt. And they were the best days I have had in some time. Partly because of the delicious food I hogged because who doesn’t love food? But mostly because I wore such comfy clothes with the perfect dash of style that I could freely wander around the resort in them, meet strangers, talk to them with confidence and still feel like I was makingContinue reading »

I am not a big fan of accessories too much. For me,being minimal is the key. But there are days when I need a statement in my otherwise minimal outfit. On such days, statement pieces be it a neck piece, stack of bracelets, chunky rings come to your rescue. Talking of statement, there are a lot of themes or types of accessories one can wear to define their style. I generally opt for a statement neckpiece as I feel it instantly lifts up your outfit. This piece from ‘Alaya‘ serves the exact purpose! The oxblood stones look subtle yet accentuate the otherwise plain shirt! I think it complements the colour of the outfit really well. For such amazing pieces,you must check our ‘Alaya‘! Instagram- http://instagram.com/alaya.creations Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/alaya.creations Outfit details- Shirt- New Look Jeans-Levis Neck piece-Alaya Shoes-www.streetstylestore.com Lipstick-Sugar Cosmetics-Mad Magenta Photography By- Kritika Sukheja Love Geetika Sehgal

Hey Again! I am back again with yet another awesome post for you all.  I hope you all are doing well in life? It is very important to stay fit and healthy, so i hope all are in your  pink health.  i am going through a very hectic life, handling studies and blogging both together is really a difficult task. But with all your support and love i am able to work on it fairly well and will keep doing it throughout. Well lets talk about today’s post. Its about color block pattern. Many colors in one picture. Just like life is so colorful,  sometimes i choose my outfits to be colorful as well. defining a happy day yayyy.  This dress is a fitted jumpsuit with amazing color block print on it. It is from ZARA . This jumpsuit is my new fave! I love its fabric which gives perfect shape to my body. You can pair it up with boots, gladiators, or shoes practical for parties or day out with friendsContinue reading »

Food love is the greatest love of all and a place which cooks such a tasty ramen will make you fall in love with the place. Anything you try here @pot_o_noodles will make love the place even more. Whether it is their roasted pork or their ramens or the ramen burger which is a must have for me every time I go there. The Pan Fried Fish with Black Pepper is also super tasty. Don’t wait anymore and be there tomorrow to try out their ramen based dishes. Only negative thing is their waiting time which is a tad bit long.