If you’re looking for a holiday to Goa that involves beautiful beaches, then we’ve got just the ticket. Do your holiday dreams include sweeping sands, glistening waters and wonderfully warm sunshine? If so, then there’s no doubt that Goa is an ideal choice for a beach break. In order to try and make your dreams a reality, here’s a selection of The Goa Experience’s favourite beachfront hotels, from our value collection right through to our luxury options – as who are we to deny anyone a glorious beach break under the Goan sun? 

Modern luxury blended with a vibrant bohemian party vibe… welcome to W Goa. An ultra-modern property in a superb beach setting, Goa Experience is pleased to introduce W Goa to its hotel collection. Offering a chilled and luxurious aura by day, transforming into a vibrant party scene at night, W Goa successfully incorporates the characteristics that Goa is best known for, in a chic and stylish manner.

A Backpacker’s Guide to Goa. Welcome to Gorgeous Goa! There’s nowhere else on earth like it! Goa is India’s smallest state, famous for it’s laid back lifestyle and with over 101 km of tropical beaches there is a beach here to suit everyone. From the colorful beach huts of Palolem in the far South to the hippie and backpacker vibe of Arambol and Anjuna in the North and with everything from luxury resorts and laid back sands to the busy, party and package holiday central Baga and Calangute.

The truth is, we’re willing to do almost anything in our quest for more youthful, beautiful skin – I know I definitely am! I’ve literally tried it all: dunking my face in water to set my makeup, Vagisil as a makeup primer, you name it, I’ve probably tested it. The ingredient that I’ve been majorly crushing on for a few years, but which still isn’t widely recognized for its supernatural properties, is snail slime (call it mucus, mucin, secretion– it’s the same stuff!). Snail secretion (Ewww, I know!) is incredibly beneficial for your skin in so many ways: It can help fade acne scars, revitalize your skin, clear your complexion, and give your skin an insanely gorgeous glow.

Let me start by saying Jen Atkin knows what she’s doing when it comes to hair – part of the reason why half the A-list trust Jen above anyone else! I don’t think anybody is as passionate about hair care the way Jen is, and since the launch of her haircare brand Ouai, she’s brought my hair back to life with her products. As you can probably guess, I couldn’t wait to test out Jen’s first foray into hair and body with her Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil.

Finding the right lipstick colors for deeper Desi skin tones is something we got a lot of requests for.  I didn’t have a model with a typical light brown skin tone so I chose a little darker of an arm to swatch on.  You have to try the colors on yourself before you make up your mind, I’m positive you’ll find one in each category that you’ll love. Here are some lipsticks that I find work well with deeper Desi skin tones, I tried to keep colors for lighter brown and deeper brown girls.  Have a look!

Ever since I started wearing make-up, brown has always been a staple lipstick in my vanity and to be honest, I was someone who would fret away from experimenting with colors; merely for the reason that I thought they wouldn’t suit me! So, when I went shopping for a lipstick, a brown with red undertones caught my eye and I couldn’t resist buying it! I’m talking about the MAC satin finish lipstick in the shade VERVE! This is my first MAC lipstick ever and I cannot stress enough on how amazing it is and my happiness just doubled up because I got a chance to review it here on VNA! I’ve been wearing it for quite some time now and it makes my lips look AH-MAZIINNGGG. Let’s get on to the review and swatches of this mac lipstick and see why it deserves all the accolades.Color- MAC describes the lipsticks as a brownish plum, however, I feel it is a brown with red undertones and looks amazingly sexy on medium toContinue reading »

Before I jump to my favorite fragrances of this summer, I have to say that I am a massive fragrance addict. To me scent is very important as it is the one that sets your mood and can tell so much about your personality. After all “a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting” – isn’t it?