1. Find a blogger or brand influencer you want to work with. It’s important to find someone you want to work with, right? You can just scroll through your Instagram feed and pick anybody, right? Well, that’s not exactly how it works. You can’t just pick anybody. You need to pick someone that works well with your products and your business.

So you have your Instagram feed up and running, you’re the style maven of your neighborhood and you can’t wait to get some free samples and have the cash start rolling in. If you’re a fashionista looking to cash in on your Instagram feed and thinking how to make Money on Instagram, what’s the best way to get started?

   So, you think you can blog? The good news is, getting started is the easiest part. It’s figuring out how to actually grow your blog and build up a loyal following that will ultimately separate the wannabes from the success stories.But don’t worry, we got you covered. With a market that’s as overcrowded and crazy competitive as fashion blogging (and blogging in general), simply having a passion for fashion won’t cut it in this crazy cutthroat market. You have to be willing to put in the time and really work for it, girl. To see what it takes, we turned to two top style bloggers for their professional advice on how to start a fashion blog

Heya, This is Santosh Nagpal, Am the founder of the website ALLINDIABLOGGERS. I wanted to talk about many topics on blogging, from how to start a blog from  scratch to how you can make money with it and further on, but before heading with that am going to talk something more special that can change your life, Firstly i would suggest you to go and sit on a quite place, if you’re busy working on something else at the moment, or chatting on whatsapp, or anything else, just leave that for next 10 minutes or bookmark this page and come back when you’re done. The topic that am going to talk about is none other than “SUCCESS” you might have encountered random quotes about what is success on Instagram, Facebook or any social sites, but what is success might mean to me is different than what it mean to you, and what it mean to you may different that other blogger somewhere mean. Suppose a random student who wanted toContinue reading »

During this hot season, most of us do not like to wear dark colored clothes and carry those heavy dresses. So, this time I have created a very trendy look for summers. For a change, I decided to venture into street shopping this time. Everything you see here is a result of some smart street shopping (except the tote bag shown later, which is from Flipkart).

1. Ice Cream Cones Ice cream: An ice-cream stall at the 1904 world fair in St Louis, USA, ran out of dishes. The neighboring stall sold wafer-thin waffles and the stall holder came up with the idea of rolling them into a cone and topping with ice cream.   2.X-ray: While setting up a cathode ray generator in 1895, Wilhem Roentgen noticed a faint fluorescent effect on a chemical coated screen in the room. He had discovered invisible X-rays, which pass through cardboard, wood, and paper, but not through bones.   3. Synthetic dye Synthetic dye: In 1856, William Perkin was attempting to produce synthetic quinine to treat malaria but the experiment produced nothing but a purple mess. Perkin spotted an opportunity at once, and set up a factory to produce the first synthetic dye.   4. Microwave Microwave: A chocolate bar in Percy Spencer’s pocket melted as he stood in the path of radiation from a radar-generating machine in 1945. He put corn kernels in the path of theContinue reading »

Saree Swag by Sakhi Sahu   SAREE SWAG! Hii guys! What’s been up with you all! The festivities are about to begin, and what better time than this to put up a  post in a traditional attire ( though its still as modern as can be)

All India Bloggers – Timeless by Sakhi Sahu Monday blues? No more, coz I have come with a super elegant post for all you chicas.